Progressing Disability Services

Progressing Disability Services

This project is being organised jointly by the Health Service Executive, non-statutory service providers (e.g. St Joseph’s Foundation), parents, the Department of Health and the Department of Education & Skills, to bring about improvement in the delivery of disability services for children and young people.
The programme aims to achieve a national unified approach to delivering disability health services, so that there is a clear pathway to the services they need for all children regardless of where they live, what school they go to or the nature of their disability or delay.
Children should receive the health services they need as close to their home and school as possible. Some children may have their needs met by their local Primary Care services. An early intervention and a school age team will look after all children with more complex needs in a defined geographic network area, regardless of the nature of their disability. These teams will be supported by specialist services when a high level of expertise is required.

NOTE: New email address for the North Cork Parents’ Reference Group for Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People northcorkparentref@gmail.com . This can be used by parents who wish to contact the North Cork Parents’ Reference Group to join or to get information. Parents can also contact the local lead Eleanor Stanton at estanton@stjosephsfoundation.ie