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Supported Employment Programme

The Supported Employment Programme is a service available to the people who attend St Joseph’s Foundation. It is designed to assist trainees to choose what career path they would like to take. 

St. Joseph’s Foundation Mission Statement:

“Providing people with disabilities the opportunity to live the life of their choice to their fullest potential”.

Supported Employment Mission Statement:

“To promote inclusion, equality, and opportunity in the working world”.

The aim of the programme is to provide the following supports:

  • Working with the Service User to identify their interests in order to facilitate their choice of job or career. 
  • Working with the Service User to identify their skills and strengths, to help them select the job or career, of their choice.
  • Preparation of an up to date curriculum vita. 
  • Preparing the service user to attend interviews by providing training in this area.
  • Highlighting any supports needed for the service user to complete the tasks involved in the job of their choice and working closely with the employer to put these supports in place.
  • Pinpointing any educational supports needed by a Service User to enhance their individual skills for a specific role. These educational supports can be sourced internally through St. Joseph’s Foundation or externally through community based organisations. 
  • Providing ongoing on-the-job support when the person commences their work experience placement and thereafter if needed.
  • Sourcing a wide range of supports for both the employee and the employer

Service Users wishing to avail of the Supported Employment Programme at St. Joseph’s Foundation can access referral forms;

  1. From a member of staff in their unit.
  2. From Reception at St Joseph’s Foundation.
  3. From their Social Worker.
  4. For those attending Rehabilitative Training Programme,        through their programme co-ordinator.

For Employers - What are the benefits of employing someone through St. Joseph's Foundation Supported Employment Programme?

It enables companies to show and develop positive leadership in their communities, by promoting inclusive workplaces.

  • Employers gain a greater insight and understanding around disability.
  • Employment can enhance a person’s life chances.
  • Employers can avail of Disability Awareness Training for your staff.
  • Employers can access a range of employment supports and incentives.
  • Employers will receive on –going support and monitoring from the Supported Employment team.

How does it work?

  • A Job Search will be completed with the job seeker to identify their desired area of work.
  • A Job Match will be secured. 
  • A Supported Employment team member will meet with both the job seeker and employer.
  • The Supported Employment team is available to provide expertise and guidance to the employer and the job seeker.

Contact Details:


  • Regina Curtis Supported Employment
  • Tel: Supported Employment 063 33625 Ext: 262
  • Mobile No: 0866013127
  • Email: rcurtis@stjosephsfoundation.ie 

St. Joseph’s Foundation is a member of the Irish Association for Supported Employment (I.A.S.E) celebrating 10 years of membership this year.