Tax Effecient Fundraising - How does it work?

  1. Can I complete more than one Enduring Certificate?

  2. Can I renew an Enduring Certificate?

  3. What if I do not want to complete an Enduring Certificate?

  4. Can I cancel an Enduring or Annual Certificate?

  5. What happens if my circumstances change during the lifetime of an Enduring or Annual Certificate?

  6. Are there limits for tax relief purposes on the amount I can donate in any tax year?

Volunteering FAQs

  1. Who can volunteer?

  2. How much time will I need to give?

  3. Will I receive training?

  4. What support will I receive?

  5. Why Volunteer with us?

General Questions

How do I access facilities?

The range of facilities at St. Joseph’s, available to the Sports Department include a Fitness Suite, Sports Hall, Putting Green, Astroturf Soccer Pitch, Swimming Pool, Bocce Court and Running Track.

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How do I make a complaint?

St. Josephs Foundation’s Complaints Policy, “Your Service, Your Say”, invites all service users to have their say about their experience of our services and about how the services have been delivered. This in turn will allow St. Josephs Foundation to continually improve and develop its services.

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