Regular Fundraisers

Way to Regularly help Fundraise

Change Donations

We have partnered with Change Donations, a revolutionary donation platform that allows you to link your credit or debit card, round your transactions up to the next euro, and donate that spare change to charity. It’s that simple!

Change Donations is a social enterprise that helps charities and non-profits raise funds through the collective power of micro-donations.

We believe that every penny counts, and donating is not about how much you can give, but giving what you can to those in need.

We hope that this new donation method works for you. Help us change the world with pocket change!

Link to sign up here

Don’t Send Me A Card

We are delighted to let you all know; we are part of “Don’t send me a card”

This website is a way of sending e-cards/virtual cards to those you care about for any occasion.  You can send up to 5 cards from as little as €1, up to a donation amount of your choice. This cost is in lieu of sending printed greeting cards. 

How it works is:

  • Select the card/occasion from under St. Joseph's Foundation list
  • Type your message (no x's) and enter who the card is from
  • Pay using PayPal/credit/debit card e.g. €1.00
  • Once paid, you can then fill in the details of who the card is to, what email to send it to and if you would like them to see, how much you have donated.
  • You can also schedule the cards to be delivered at a certain date! Never miss an occasion again!

Better Life Cycle 

How You Can Become Involved In The Cycle Walk Run:

  • Become part of the organising group OR
  • Help with publicising the event in your local area OR
  • Sourcing sponsorship/raffle prizes etc OR
  • Participating in the even on the day  OR
  • Encouraging your family & friends to participate OR
  • Volunteer to help with the event on the day – stewarding etc

Contact Better Life Cycle - Phone 086 336 2715. Email: info@betterlifecycle.ie

The VHI Virtual Women's Mini-Marathon 

Walk, jog or run 10km, Over 10 days, To raise millions of Euro

Visit vhiwomensminimarathon.ie for more information

Register for the Virtual Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon to receive your Race Pack 

If you want to take part in this event for St. Joseph's Foundation, we would love to hear from you. Contact the Fundraising Department on 063-21679 or email fundraising@stjosephsfoundation.ie

Church Gate Collections

An annual Church Gate Collection is held in most of the parishes within the Foundation's catchement area throughout the year.  These collections remain a reliable sources of income for the Foundation.

If you would like to assist with holding Church Gate Collections in your local parish, please contact us on 063-21679 or email fundraising@stjosephsfoundation.ie with your contact information and parish area. 

We would like to give those who have helped our Church Gate Collections a well-deserved break, as some have been volunteering with collections for over 30 years. 

Church gate collections are currently on pause due to Covid-19. 


Volunteer Mission Statement:

Our aim is to provide our Volunteers with a satisfying, friendly and positive experience while providing the training and support they need so that their time spent with us is effective, rewarding and enjoyable.

If you are looking for information on volunteering, please visit  or volunteer section on our site or contact our Volunteer Co-Ordinator. 

Get in Touch

Susan Nolan 

Fundraising Co-Ordinator
Tel: 063-21679 or 063-89252.

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