Respite & Residential Services

Residential Service

St. Joseph’s Foundation operate in 13 residential settings for adults with a variety of care needs throughout North Cork, South West and South East Limerick. Our residences are located in the following Communities:-

Charleville, Buttevant, Newtown, Dromina, Newmarket, Kilmallock, Ballylanders, Bruree, Ballyagran, & Granagh.

We provide full-time 7 day residential care as well as shared care. The residents are encouraged and supported to personalize their home to reflect their individual tastes. 

Residents are supported by qualified staff to live a meaningful and fulfilling life in their homes and local communities. Staff recognize the importance of maintaining contact with family members and encourage them to visit the residence at any time.

The residential services of St. Joseph’s Foundation are provided in line with the National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities (HIQA) and Statutory Instruments No. 366 and 367 of 2013.

Elder Care

St. Joseph’s Foundation embrace the increased longevity of our service users and have responded to this challenge by providing specialized residential services to meet the ever changing needs of these residents who can no longer enjoy the world of work.   We provide 24 hour care at our retirement homes located in Ballylanders and Dromcollogher. Care is provided in a friendly, homelike environment and an active social and recreational programme is incorporated into the daily routine. All residents are encouraged to maintain their skills and are supported to make decisions in relation to their individual care.  Staff recognize the individuality of each resident and strive to provide individual and holistic care.   

Respite Service

St. Joseph’s Foundation recognizes that families may require additional support for various reasons and meet this need through residential respite. Our model of respite care is residential respite where the person with a disability accesses respite in a residential home supported by staff, along with other service users.

Residential respite will only be provided in specific circumstances and will be accessed and decided on an individual basis and by availability.   

Respite care is resource dependent.    

St. Joseph’s respite service is offered through 3 separate channels:

  1. Shared Care – this is residential care provided on a part time basis. This supports families with caring and helps to prepare the resident and family for fulltime care.
  2. Home from Home – a family based short break project where a child or adult with a learning disability is offered a brief, planned break in the home of a host carer.
  3. Residential Respite – this is a respite service either planned or emergency within existing residences, available at weekends or midweek.

Applications for Respite Care can be accessed through our Social Work Department. 

Contact (063) 89252.