General Covid-19 resources


We have created and gathered some practical advice, fun activities and resources to help you and your child during these unprecedented times. 

Each child’s needs are different. Please, choose the resources you think would help you and your child at this time. Please check out this website, our Facebook and Instagram page each week, for any further updates or useful links/ resources. Information is outlined below on how to use these resources. If you have any questions, queries or require more specific advice to help your child and family, please contact St Joseph’s Foundation Reception on 063 89252.

Social Stories about Coronavirus (Covid 19)

My Story about Pandemics and the Coronavirus” by Carol Gray

“What is the Coronavirus” by Amanda Mc Guinness

“Coronavirus – Staying Safe” by Triple A Wicklow

Dealing with a Child’s Anxiety during these times

Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management Guidelines and Resources